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Admission Process

To become a resident of our Lodge, you first must obtain a referral. This can be done through the use of a referral form or by phoning the Lodge itself.  Under CQC regulations, potential service users must have their needs thoroughly assessed before entering the Lodge. This is intended to provide each service user with best possible information on which to make an informed choice about their future.

If you are already in touch with social services or a social work department, the initial assessment will be undertaken as part of care management process, but we also need to assure ourselves and you that Star Care Lodge is suitable for you.

We are able to arrange for staff from Star Care Lodge to come and visit you in your present accommodation.

Introductory Visits

We will try to give you as full or honest an impression of the Lodge as possible and you and your relatives can visit the Lodge at any time you wish. You will have the chance to talk to the manager and other appropriate staff, to speak confidentially with other residents, to have a meal, to view the house and grounds, including choosing a preferred room, to discuss how the Lodge can meet your requirements, to see the Lodge's system for keeping records on service users, and then to talk privately with your relatives or representatives. We understand that you may be visiting more than one home and we want you to make a positive choice to come to Star Care Lodge.

Admission Criteria

  • Emergency admissions will be accepted in compliance with the policy on general admission and referrals.
  • Respite can be provided and is subject to availability.
  • Care given will be subject to regular review and evaluation, with the service user and their respresentatives present, where appropriate, to ensure needs are being met.
  • The service will enable, where possible, service users to move on to independent living, encouraging financial management and daily living skills.
  • Each service user may have access to their records on request and with the assistance of their key worker, in accordance with the Access to Information Act 1987. The service user is always kept informed of ways of obtaining assistance if required.
  • During our designated trial period, we monitor the service user's adjustments to his or her surroundings by observing the service user's relationship with staff and other service users living in the Lodge. We endeavour to meet the service user's personal needs and through assessment make adjustments accordingly.

Referral Form