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Philosophy of Care

Star Care Lodge recognises that each individual is unique and has potential for thriving, if nurtured in a secured, safe and value added environment. Our philosophy of care is therefore based on:

"A person-centred care approach with an enpowering relationship that fosters recovery and secured attachment, thus promoting independence/autonomy by offering choices, continuity of care and working collaboratively with our service user, their family, friends and other professionals involved in their care, in an exciting and safe environment."



We ensure that all service users are encouraged to define and realise their own goals and aspirations by supporting them with work and learning opportunities.

Community Presence

We encourage service users to access resources and ensure that they are given the opportunity to become involved in activities which are part of the local community.


We ensure that our residents are treated with the utmost respect and consideration, at all times.

Person-centred approach

When we assess your needs, we put you at the centre of the process, ensuring your views and wishes are reflected in your care plan.


In all aspects of life in our Home, we endeavour to give our service users a wide range of options from which they are free to choose.

Equality and diversity

We celebrate and respect individuality, different cultures and beliefs and seek to treat everyone fairly.